Rubenstein’s murals and large format works are almost always site specific.  She evaluates the space and selects little characteristics that add congruency between her work and the environment where the work will be.

About the Artist.

Chloe Rubenstein is a visual artist currently based in Boston.  She specializes in mural making, illustration, printmaking, graphic design, and photography.  Her work is on permanent and temporary display nationwide.

Chloe is a recent graduate of the Corcoran School of Art and Design at George Washington University.  She graduated with a  BFA degree with a focus in painting and illustration.

Rubenstein pulls from her other media specialties to create satirical, illustrative murals that come to life through their scale and tastefully unique color palettes.  Her characters are enjoyable for all ages and her passions linger in the world of bad puns, dad jokes, craft beer, and the inner child who is constantly begging for attention.

She is consistently collaborating with non-profits and small businesses to design images that represent each organization’s vision and values.  From nursery rooms to beautifying bar bathrooms, Rubenstein is always on the look out for the next challenge.


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